In this work, catalytic cracking of waste fish oil (WFO) to bio-fuel for diesel engine was studied over hybrid catalysts (Sodium carbonate Na2CO3/Magnesium oxide). The experiments were conducted using a fix-bed reactor. The effect of catalyst-to-WFO ratio and the amount of each catalyst were studied over the yields of bio-oil and acid value AV, of the bio-oil following central composite design (CCD). The statistical analysis showed that catalyst significantly affected the bio-oil yield and acid value. A higher bio-oil yield over 70 wt% with a lower acid value (2.7 mgKOH/goil) were identified at catalyst-to-WFO of 1:7 by using the same amount of sodium carbonate and magnesium oxide. The optimum bio-oil was analyzed and properties have been investigated and compared to diesel fuel physical properties.

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