Flow behavior of coarse-grained slurry depends on particle size, shape, density and concentration. The understanding of the slurry flow behavior makes possible to optimize energy requirements, to improve quality, safety, economy and reliability of transport and/or processing of the transported material. The present paper describes the results of an experimental investigation of model coarse-grained fully stratified particle-water mixtures in a re-circulation pipe loop with smooth stainless steel pipes. Washed graded pebble gravel and glass balls were used as model coarse-grained materials. The effect of slurry velocity and particle concentration on the slurry flow behavior in the turbulent regime was evaluated in horizontal pipe. Particle distribution in the pipe cross-section and motion of particles along the pipe invert and particle conveying in the carrier liquid were investigated in a transparent pipe viewing section and local velocities of the carrier liquid and conveyed particles were determined.

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