A numerical study has been performed to evaluate the aerodynamics coefficients of a winglet in the range of Reynolds numbers below 30,000. In this study some parameters on winglet design have been considered. The effect of winglet-tip airfoil thickness has been investigated on aerodynamics coefficients. In order to explore this effect, two different airfoils (NACA0002 and NACA0012) were employed at the winglet-tip. The influence of varying the winglet connection angle to the wing on aerodynamics coefficients and flow field characteristics in the vortex flow zone such as; circulation magnitude and vorticity magnitude in the vortex core have been studied. Six connection angles including 20°, 30°, 40°, 50°, 60° and 70° have been studied. Negative values of these angles have also been considered. In addition, the effect of changing wing aspect ratio on aerodynamics coefficients has been investigated. To solve the flow field around the studied geometry a fully structured grid was used which consists of 84 blocks.

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