The operational reliability of centrifugal pumps strongly depends on an adequate structural design of every single component. Therefore, the design process requires trustworthy information about the expected stresses and deformations.

The numerical evaluation of the deformations and the stresses in the impellers of multistage centrifugal pumps is the topic of this report. The loads acting on the impeller under operating conditions can be subdivided into structural and hydrodynamic components, which are considered by means of one-way coupled fluid-structure interaction (FSI) simulations. For the investigations, an exemplary multistage pump with a specific speed of nq = 30 has been chosen. The hydrodynamic pressure loads on the impeller are derived from the CFD solution for a single stage of the pump. These pressure loads are imposed on the impeller in the structural part of the simulation. In order to determine the resulting deformations and stresses of the impeller, static structural analyses are performed. Different operating conditions, i.e. flow rates and temperatures, are analyzed. Furthermore, the influence of structural impeller design parameters on the resulting deformations and stresses is investigated in detail. The thickness of the impeller shrouds as well as the fillet radii between the blades and the shrouds are considered as design parameters.

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