The mixing process is very common in many industrial applications. In some cases, two or more liquids or discrete phase (DP) set on the pump inlet. Liquid mixture is often occurred in sanitation and agriculture applications and mixture of water with DP (such as sand) are met in the case of water transportation from natural sources (rivers, wells, etc.). DP distribution in the centrifugal pump is the subject of this study. Full pump geometry is considered, due to unsymmetrical nature of volute of the pump.

Turbulence k-ε closure model and Lagrangian discrete phase model has been used for most simulations.

It was found that smaller particles trap inside the pump for longer time than larger ones. The distribution of the bigger diameter particles on the outlet is more asymmetrical in comparison with particles of smaller diameter. Relatively large areas with very small particle concentrations can be observed. Particle distribution on the outlet for lighter particles demonstrates more uniformity.

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