Computations of an aspect ratio 3.5 flat plate wing in flapping forward flight are performed. A high-order implicit LES approach is employed to compute the mixed laminar/transitional/turbulent flowfields present for the low Reynolds number flows associated with micro air vehicles. The ILES approach is implemented by exploiting the properties of a well validated, robust, sixth-order Navier-Stokes solver. The analyzed kinematics are a flapping motion described by an anti-clockwise 8 cycle. A Reynolds number based on the freestream velocity of 1250 is prescribed. A detailed description of the dynamic vortex system engendered by the unsteady flapping motion is given and related to the development of lift and thrust during the flapping cycle. Effective angle of attack, which results from the wing motion, and its interplay with the aerodynamic angle of attack play a key role in determining the flow structure and forces produced.

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