In recent years Lattice Boltzmann Methods have become popular for solving fluid flow problems of engineering interest. Reasons for this popularity are due to the advantages of this method which are for example the simplicity to handle complex geometries and the high efficiency in calculating transient flows.

For the operational reliability and efficiency of pumps and pump systems the incoming flow conditions are crucial. Since the efficiency and reliability requirements of pumps are rising and must be guaranteed by the pump and plant manufacturer, the flow conditions in pump intakes need to be evaluated during plant planning. Recent trends show that pump intakes are built more and more compact which makes the flow in the intake even more complex and holds a higher risk for unacceptable pump inflow conditions. If the inflow conditions of the pump are not according to the demand of the pump manufacturer or to international standards, optimization needs to be done.

In this contribution a numerical scheme for the simulation of pump intakes based on a Lattice Boltzmann-LES approach is presented and the ability to capture the flow phenomena of the intake flow is analyzed.

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