Three dimensional, time dependent Euler-Euler simulation approach for numerical calculation of multiphase strongly swirling turbulent gas-heavy laden particulate flow in large industrial collection cyclones, positioned vertically, in staggered downward cascade arrangement has been performed. The multiphase flow was featured high mass loading. This paper specifically addresses a CFD modeling of a “suspension preheater”, typical equipment for dry process cement kiln. Big sized cyclone separator is a key component of this device. The simulation case study was developed in the frame of the commercial general-purpose code ANSYS-Fluent R13. In cyclone separators the swirling gas motion induces a centrifugal force on the solid particulate phase which is the driving force behind the separation process. The turbulence disperses the solid particulates and enhances the probability that particles are discharged, as reject. Both phenomena are related to solid phase particle size distribution (PSD) and flow pattern into the collection cyclones. The multiphase turbulence was modeled using the RSM Mixture Turbulence Model. The simulation results were validated against industrial measurements carried out on an industrial suspension preheater, in the frame of heat and mass balance of cement kiln energy audit. The numerical simulation results were found in reasonable agreement with the collected industrial measurements. This CFD simulation represents a powerful engineering tool on behalf of the cement process engineer either for new cutting-edge design or for performance verification of an existing plant.

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