This work describes the development of a two-dimensional CFD model for gas-liquid flows in a bubble column. Population balance dynamic equation is solved for babbles including bubbles coalescence and break up in the column. Prince and Blanch model for bubbles coalescence extended to non-Newtonian rheology and used in the analysis. Luo and Svendsen model is used for bubbles breakup modeling and the k-e model equations are solved for analysis of primary fluid turbulence. Solutions of carboxy methyl cellulose in water with different concentrations are used as a non-Newtonian pesudoplastic liquid. Raise velocity of bubbles, which play an important role in population balance modeling, is discusses in details for non-Newtonian fluid. As a first step the results for Newtonian bubble column are presented and verified by comparison with the previous studies. Then the effect of changing fluid rheology is discussed in terms of gas volume fraction and continuous liquid velocity.

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