An experimental study on the turbulent flow characteristics in a randomly packed porous bed is presented and discussed. Time resolved PIV measurements, taken in specific pore spaces are used to evaluate transitional and developed turbulent flow statistics for pore Reynolds numbers from 54 to 3964. Three different regimes of steady laminar, transitional and turbulent flow are presented. Small scale coherent vortical structures are examined, using large eddy scale (LES) decomposition, for pore Reynolds number of greater than 1000. Integral length scales were found to reach asymptotic values of approximately 0.1 times the hydraulic diameter of the bed. The integral Eulerian time scales are found to reach an asymptotic value of approximately 0.3 times the convective time scale in the bed. Mean velocity vector maps show flattening of the velocity distribution due to increased momentum mixing. Turbulent stresses show increasing level of homogeneity at higher pore Reynolds numbers.

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