We present a GPU accelerated numerical solver for incompressible, immiscible, two-phase fluid flows. This leads to a significant simulation speed-up and thus, the capability to have finer grid sizes and/or more accurate convergence criteria. We solve the Navier-Stokes equations, which include the surface tension force, by using a two-step projection method requiring the iterative solution to a pressure Poisson problem at each time step. However, running a serial linear algebra solver on a CPU to solve the pressure Poisson problem can take 50–99.9% of the total simulation time. To remove this bottleneck, we employ the large parallelization capabilities of GPUs by developing a double-precision parallel linear algebra solver, SCGPU, using NVIDIA’s CUDA v.4.0 libraries. The performance of SCGPU in serial simulations is presented, in addition to an evaluation of two pre-packaged GPU linear algebra solvers CUSP and CULA-sparse. We also present preliminary results of a GPU-accelerated MPI CPU flow solver.

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