Gate valves are widely used in dilute Pneumatic conveying systems. The flow characteristic of carrier fluid through the valve changes under the effect of particles. In this study, in order to obtain the influence of particle parameters on carrier fluid while flowing through a gate valve, a three dimensional Euler-Lagrange model is used to simulate gas-solid flow at three opening degrees of valve. Since inlet velocity of air is very small and the Mach number is less than 10%, the carrier fluid is set as incompressible Newtonian fluid. The investigated particle parameters include mass flux ratio (κ) and diameter of particles (d). An important coefficient namely flow coefficient (Cv) is calculated to express the flow properties. Our results demonstrate that the particles do little, if any, effect on the flow properties when the valve is in full open position. However, with the closure of valve, the influence of particles on carrier fluid becomes more significant. Besides, the influence extent of particles on carrier fluid increases with mass flux ratio while decreases with the increasing of particle diameter. This study gives a suggestion that for dilute phase flow of Pneumatic conveying, the influence of particles on carrier fluid can be neglected if valve is of full open condition, otherwise the effect should not be neglected. Further study will focus on two phase flow field in valves under transient conditions.

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