Numerical simulations and performance tests were conducted to analyze the effects of splitter blades on the performance and whole unsteady flow field of a centrifugal pump. The studied pump is a single stage pump with a shrouded impeller (diameter = 160mm, 4 blades, specific speed = 47). Based on the original impeller, we designed 5 impellers with different splitter blades parameters. All the numerical simulations were carried out by using the commercial software ANSYS CFX 12.1 based on standard k-ε turbulence model and standard boundary function. The results showed that, the head of the impellers with splitter blades was approximately 2%∼12% higher than that without splitter blades. When adding splitter blades, the pressure fluctuations at the impeller inlet, volute outlet and the interface of impeller and volute are reduced, this can improve the “jet-wake” flow structure. Different design parameters of splitter blades have a certain effect on the pressure fluctuations at the interface of impeller and volute. When the splitter blades deviated 5° to the suction side of the long blade and the splitter blade inlet diameter is 106 mm, the head is highest and the pressure fluctuations are lowest. The work will provide a basis for the further study on the internal flow field, reducing vibration and noise of a centrifugal pump.

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