Based on the design method of great distortion and appropriate extension to pump inlet, blades of large-scale flue-gas desulphurization absorption tower circulating pump were designed to obtain more suitable blade streamline shape for fluid flow in the internal flow field, the hydro-cyclone loss and noise of pump inlet were decreased while the pump performance and efficiency were improved. An impeller clearance automatic compensation device was added to the front shroud, which ensured the pump working in high efficiency area, and the volute sections 5 through 7 were designed to be double-channel to effectively reduce the radial force. Wear of the pump was greatly reduced and the pump service life was extended by developing a new material M26-23V alloy steel. The pump internal flow field was calculated through k-ε model provided by CFD software Fluent 6.3, and the pump performance was predicted. The pump performance test results showed that the prediction performance curve was consistent with test performance curve. It can be concluded that the pump efficiency at design point reaches up to 85.3%, and the comprehensive technical index meet the design requirements. The pump service life was prolonged by rational structure design and favorable wear resistance.

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