A comprehensive modeling of the physics and dynamics of a realistic planing boat has been simulated. This study considers a two degree-of-freedom (DOF) unsteady model to investigate the equilibrium of the boat at steady speed and mimic the system dynamics properly. The numerical model consists of a planing hull with a waterjet pump inlet duct and a mathematical representation of the main forces and mass flow to model the pump. Indeed, it includes the interaction of the hull and the waterjet propulsion system, which has never been done before. The mathematical model of the pump is based on a full 3D unsteady simulation of a reduced control volume of the propulsion system. The numerical robustness and accuracy have been confirmed after being compared to other studies and to a prototype boat. Finally, the results provide a novel 3D unsteady numerical model of the equilibrium of a planing hull at a steady speed, including the effect of the waterjet pump.

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