An experimental study of the surface spanwise pressure on a cylinder in the third row of two normal triangular tube arrays (P/d = 1.32 and 1.58) with air cross flow has been conducted. A range of flow velocities were examined. The correlation of surface pressure fluctuations due to various vibration excitation mechanisms along the span of heat exchanger tubes has been assessed. The turbulent buffeting is found to be uncorrelated along the span which is consistent with generally accepted assumptions in previous studies. Vortex shedding and acoustic resonances were well correlated along the span of the cylinder, with correlations lengths approaching the entire length of the cylinder. Jet switching was observed in the pitch ratio of 1.58 and was found to be correlated along the cylinder, although the spatial behaviour is complex. This result suggests that the excitation force used in fretting wear models may need to be updated to include jet switching in the calculation.

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