In this article, a modified SPH algorithm is proposed to solve Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) problems including fluid flow in interaction with compatible structures under a large deformation. To validate the current algorithm against available data in literature, we consider two important benchmark cases; namely, an oscillating elastic beam and dam breaking problems. The proposed algorithm is based on the elimination of the intermediate data transfer steps between the fluid and the solid structures, whereby resulting in an easy and time-saving simulation method. With the test application studied, we were able to prove the ability of the modified SPH method for solving of fluid and solid domains monolithically without the need to define an interfacial boundary condition or any additional steps to simulate the deformation of an elastic dam. Numerical results suggest that upon choosing correct SPH parameters such as smoothing function, and lengths, as well as coefficients for artificial viscosity and artificial stress, one can obtain results in satisfactorily agreement with numerical findings of earlier works.

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