In this article an approach for fully automatic mesh generation for two dimensional fluid structure problems that respect the integrity of the geometrical boundaries is presented. This approach is based on the modified Quadtree method. First, interior quadrants of the solid structure are created as the original Quadtree method. Boundary quadrants of the solid structure are created between the boundary curves and the interior quadrants using a simple projection algorithm. As a result, the problem of cut quadrants of the original modified Quadtree method is eliminated here. Boundary elements of the fluid region are created on the boundary curves using calculated projection points. The use of closed non uniform composite B-spline curves, for a unified representation of boundaries curves, simplifies the projection algorithm. On the other hand using this type of boundaries representation reduces geometrical incompatibilities of the generated mesh and produces a perfect compatibility between boundary elements and finite elements. This method can be extended to problems of three dimensional mesh generation and eliminate all cases of cut octants. An object-oriented prototype program in C++ has been written and application example is presented in this paper. Several algorithms of this method are suitable for an implementation on parallel computers.

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