In this research, free vibration analysis of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes (SWCNTs) conveying water is studied. The effects of water flow velocity, CNT’s chirality, CNT’s diameter, elastic foundation stiffness, various end conditions and CNT’s aspect ratio on the fundamental frequencies are studied. The main difference between the present work and previous works done by others is consideration of carbon-water bond potential energy to model the interaction between carbon atoms and water molecules. In spite of the previous works, in this work, water is considered as a discrete medium. Consequently, new interesting results are achieved which indicate that continuum assumption for water media leads to different results. Results show that the fundamental frequency decreases by increasing the water flow velocity and decreasing the stiffness of the elastic foundation. It also decreases with increasing nanotube aspect ratio as the beam theories predict. Furthermore, the fundamental frequency is smaller for those SWCNTs with larger diameter.

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