The linear problem of liquid sloshing in a cylindrical container with a vertical baffle is considered in the present paper. In this study, a theoretical oriented approach is developed for calculating the natural frequencies of liquid. The baffle is a thin-walled and open-ended cylindrical shell that is concentrically placed and partially submerged inside the container. The free surface of liquid is assumed to be perpendicular to axis of the container and is divided into two parts by the baffle. The method also captures the singular asymptotic behavior of the velocity potential at the sharp baffle edge. The liquid is assumed to be incompressible and inviscid and the method uses matched eigenfunction expansions and Galerkin expansions to derive unknown coefficients presented in the velocity potential series. A finite element analysis is also used to check the validity of the proposed method. The effects of some important parameters of system are also considered on the sloshing frequencies.

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