The accuracy in measuring flow of fluids such as gas and oil has a great importance for the Algerian economy. The flows of fluids in non-standard conditions, presence of disturbances, in which there are flow meters in pipes, make a very important error. International standards ISO 5167 and AGA3 stipulate that the meter is installed in a fully developed flow. This article describes a numerical investigation of development and establishment of flows in the presence of a double bend 90° in perpendicular planes as a perturbation. The software used was code Fluent where different turbulence models are tested to better simulate and view the effectiveness of models in the description of the flow of fluid compared to flow behaviour cited in the standards and the experimental results. The numerical experimentation is done with air in a pipe of 100mm diameter at a Reynolds number 105. The numerical analysis is based on solving Navier-Stokes equation system with several turbulent models, k-ε, k-ω, RSM and its variants.

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