When projecting the gas turbine an important problem is an ensuring the high values of gas turbine parameters and required gas turbine operating characteristics on the different operating conditions. These requirements can be reached by engine function units system perfecting on base of multicriterion stochastic optimization problems solution. Three stochastic optimization problems definitions were formulated. Each problem has own features and can be used for different application solution. These applied problems are: M-problem can be used on the technical system unit conceptual design stage; V-problem can be used for the problem solution of tolerancing during the technical system unit production; P-problem can be used for interval analysis of technical system functional unit. The multicriterion stochastic optimization problem rational decision is realized by the evolutional method. This method makes it possible to find the solution with given accuracy by attraction the less information recourses than standard methods. In the stochastic optimization problems definitions the input data random character is taken into account. It makes it possible to find the optimal values of desired parameters. These parameters ensure the maximal probability of finding the objective function in given range.

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