Centrifugal pump is widely used in various fields of the national economy. Pumps, of which 70% are centrifugal pumps, consume 20.9% of the total electricity generation nationwide in China in 2009, according to the statistics. In this paper, the research advances in design methods and characteristics of internal flow fields for centrifugal pumps, carried out by the Research Center of Fluid Machinery Engineering and Technology of Jiangsu University, is introduced. First of all, the Greater Flow Design method, Non-Overload Design method and Splitter Blade Offset Design method are fully discussed through systematically studies. In addition, three methods of performance prediction for centrifugal pumps are adopted, and a CAD/CFD software for hydraulic design and analysis is initially developed. Secondly, to deepen the understanding of characteristics of internal flow in centrifugal pumps, the numerical simulation and PIV measurement investigation have been done. Then the unsteady flow induced vibration and noise are studied considering fluid-structure interaction and fluid-sound interaction. The control of the unsteady flow in centrifugal pumps is also attempted to optimize the design method for centrifugal pumps. In addition, the pressure pulsation and vibration behaviors under both cavitation and non-cavitation conditions are obtained and analyzed. Finally, some detecting methods and criterion for cavitation incipiency and development are put forward.

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