The cooling gas of turbine components in aero-engine is extracted from the compressor. Its flow rate is related to the temperature before turbine. The percentage is usually about 3–5% and sometimes up to 25% of the main flow. Very few of the current studies in this field touched on the influence of air bleeding on compressor performance. This paper takes the single stage and low speed axial compressor as the research object, develops a time-accurate numerical method on the compressor overall performance by using the moving mesh to simulate the function of compressor throttle plug. Combined with experimental results, compressor flow field with and without air bleeding are compared and analyzed to study the impact of bleeding on compressor performance. The results show that if a bleeding design can ease the blockage generated by the tip leakage flow and the backflow near the trailing edge, the stall will be effectively postponed and the compressor stability margin will be expanded.

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