A new magnetic driving pump with low-NPSHR had been developed to ensure leakage-free for transporting fluid. In hydraulic design, several common measures, according to the equation of cavitation, were applied to lower down the NPSHR of the pump. Moreover, a variable-pitch inducer whose pitch increases gradually was installed at the inlet of impeller. Cavitation performance of the magnetic driving pump and the reasons why the NPSHR was reduced by installing a variable-pitch inducer were analyzed according to the simulation predicted flow field at the pump inlet and inducer. The test of cavitation performance showed that the magnetic driving pump had the excellent cavitation performance, and met the design requirements in flow, head and vibration. The magnetic driving pump presented the reliability after a long period of operation in a petrochemical corporation. Therefore, magnetic driving pumps with low-NPSHR would have a great future in petrochemical, shipping and other important fields.

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