Pumps at times may be required to undergo critical flow conditions wherein thermal and pressure transients are part of operating conditions. Under such circumstances, a guideline from ASME code is followed to have confidence in design. High operating temperature affects the design in two ways. The physical properties change drastically with elevated temperature and other important aspect is if it is accompanied by high pressure, the strength of the component need to be checked. The thermal stresses together with stresses developed by mechanical loads like pressure, forces, moments when combined; need to be compared with strength as suggested in ASME Codes. The situation becomes far more complex when the temperature and pressure levels are fluctuating with time. The transient conditions of temperature and pressure of short duration will generate thermal shock which will further produce very high thermal stress. A numerical approach is presented in this paper to judge suitability of design under transients in thermal and mechanical loads. The design code followed is ASME Section III Subsection NB. The transients are considered at 126 bar pressure and 350 °C temperature.

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