In this paper an experimental setup was built to investigate jet flow normal to a confined rectangular multiphase crossflow. In order to achieve uniform particle distribution, the inlet and transition channel were carefully designed and adjusted. The experiments were carried out with 2 test conditions, with Rec/Rejet of 7.9 × 104/3.1 × 104 and 7.0 × 104/1.8 × 104. Four classes of particles were used in both of the test conditions. The planar gas flow field and particle distribution on the symmetric cross section were measured by DPIV system. Mean fluid velocity results and transient flow visualization images were used to analyze the jet influence on the gas flow field. In the transient images of some classes of particles, vortex structures were found to be similar but not exactly the same to the free jet structure. A new set of arithmetic was developed to distinguish particle spots from noisy raw images. The results getting from this arithmetic reveals the time-average particle concentration on the jet influence. The analysis proved that the jet control method may set a gas barrier in the flow field to influence the particle distribution. Such an effect is diameter-selective. The experimental results showed a good prospect on the application of wall jet control method in inertia separator.

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