The relative flexibility of nowadays simulation techniques offers an alternative way to experiments in order to investigate unsteady crosswind aerodynamics in an industrial framework. In this study, time-accurate simulations, Detached-Eddy Simulations (DES), are used to simulate the flow around a simple vehicle shape, the so-called Windsor model. The ReL of the corresponding flow case is 2.0 · 106. The influence of different deterministic models of wind gusts on the aerodynamic loads and moments are studied. The wind gusts are varied in the stream-wise and the vertical direction. The magnitude of the gusts models corresponds to a yaw angle of 20°. The aerodynamic loads calculated show a large excess of drag coupled with a reduction of the pitch moment. In addition, although the side force has a smooth variation in the gust, overshoots up to 18% higher than the steady value of yaw moment are also observed.

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