Fluid flow and heat transfer in a vertical tube under constant heat flux have been studied and effect of buoyancy force on the heat transfer coefficient is investigated. The finite volume method is used to study turbulent flow in both upward and downward directions. For the turbulence modeling, a zonal k-e model is employed and the numerical results are compared with available experimental data. The results of the simulation show that for the downward flow, heat transfer is enhanced and for strong buoyancy force, flow reversal is observed. In contrast, for the heated upward flow, heat transfer can be either impaired or enhanced by the buoyancy force depending on its strength. Partial laminarization is caused by the buoyancy in the case of modest buoyancy force. For the condition of stronger buoyancy force, a sudden decrease in the fully-developed Nusselt number is evident in the experimental data and well predicted by the numerical solution. In general, the quantitative agreement between the numerical results and the experimental data is satisfactory.

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