This paper outlines a novel approximate solution for determining the pressure drop of laminar, single-phase flow in slowly-varying microchannels of arbitrary cross-section. The proposed analysis is general and applicable to symmetric and asymmetric microchannel cross-sections, as examples compact relationships are reported for elliptical and rectangular shapes for three common wall profiles of linear, sinusoidal and hyperbolic. An experimental setup is designed and pressure drop measurements are conducted to validate the proposed model for streamwised periodic microchannels with rectangular cross-section and linear wall with a range of channel geometrical parameters such as aspect ratio and channel slope. The model is also compared against the numerical and experimental data of hyperbolic contraction with rectangular cross-section collected by others. It is observed that although the proposed model is based on the solution of the elliptical cross-section, it can accurately predict the pressure drop in microchannels of rectangular cross-section.

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