Vortex ring formation and propagation have been studied extensively in quiescent semi-infinite volumes. However, very little is known about the dynamics of vortex-ring formation in wall-bounded domains where vortex wall interaction will affect both the vortex ring pinch-off and propagation velocity. This study addresses this limitation and studies vortex formation in radially confined domains to analyze the effect of vortex-ring wall interaction on the formation and propagation of the vortex ring. Vortex rings were produced using a pneumatically driven piston cylinder arrangement and were ejected into a long cylindrical tube parallel to the piston cylinder arrangement which defined the confined downstream domain. Two different domains were studied with diameters twice and four times the size of the piston cylinder. A semi-infinite unbounded volume with no downstream cylinder was also investigated for comparison. The piston stroke-to-diameter ratio (L/D0) for the studied vortex rings was varied between 0.75 and 3 with corresponding Reynolds numbers, based on circulation, of approximately 500 to 8,000. Velocity field measurements were performed using planar Time Resolved Digital Particle Image Velocimetry (TRDPIV). The TRDPIV data were processed using an in-house developed cross-correlation PIV algorithm and post processed using Proper Orthogonal Decomposition to remove high frequency noise. The propagation velocity and vorticity were investigated and vortex identification was used to track the changing size, location, and circulation of the vortices. The combination of these parameters was used to investigate the effects of wall interaction on vortex ring formation and propagation.

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