For studying the axial evolution of the flow around slender body of revolution at high incidence under different conditions, numerical simulations are performed. Based on the computational results, several conclusions and deductions are obtained. When the flow is asymmetric and whether the asymmetry is remarkable or not, downstream axially it always presents itself in the structure of leeside vortices forming, rising and shedding alternately from opposite sides of the body and induces the sectional side force of waving sinusoidally. Based on the idea of vortex dividing, a forming mode of shed and new leeside vortices is put forward, which is composed of two idiographic manners. The axial evolutions on the forming manner can be reduced to three idiographic laws. The global asymmetry degree of the flow lies on both the axial evolution law on the forming manner and the intensity of leeside vortex. The influences of incidence, freestream Mach number and nose-perturbation location on the axial evolution of the asymmetric vortical flow are achieved as well.

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