In the previous studies of slotted flow meters, the repeatibility and reproducibility were studied under different flow conditions and different configurations. In accordance with these work, the present study examines the affects of the distance between the slotted plate. The preset 5D distance is expanded to the 10D. The flow coefficient, KY, the pressure drop, and the uncertainty analysis dependence upon this change is examined. There are definite changes in the results between the 5D distance and the 10D distance. As a base line, the flow coefficient, KY, showed 0.8% to 2% difference between the 5D and the 10D distance case. Depending upon the upstream flow conditions, the reproducibility of the slotted flow meter was affected. The pressure drop increased as the upstream Reynolds number increases. The result from the analysis of a water cut meter mounted downstream of a slotted flow meter showed that there are definitive relationships between the output of the water cut meter and the parameters of the flow.

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