Mixing effectiveness of a heated turbulent jet with two-hole and three-hole ring injectors was experimentally investigated. The injectors were rings with square cross section with side dimensions of approximately 5 mm. The ratio of the ring thickness to the jet inner diameter was 4.7%. For the two-hole injector, the injecting holes were at 180 degrees from each other and for the three-hole injectors, the holes were spaced at 120 degrees. The maximum mean velocity of the jet was at approximately 4 m/s which corresponds to an approximate Reynolds number based on the jet inner diameter of 14,676. The total blowing ratio as compared to the axial momentum for each configuration was at 2%. Results indicate significant increases in RMS fluctuation and mean velocity decay with the ring injectors with these effects being more pronounced for the three-hole injection. Axial variation of momentum thicknesses indicates a possibility of axis switching in the near field for the three-hole ring injector.

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