The purpose of this paper is to focus on cavitation prediction at high-speeds in helical gear pumps for the purpose of hydrostatic dynamometer system development. Details of the fluid motion will be described through various stages of fluid transfer from the pump inlet to the outlet using various mesh densities. Using the results of these simulations, a discussion of design improvements for high-speed hydrostatic dynamometer operation is included. Conducting CFD simulations on external gear pumps is a difficult problem depending upon the complexity of the individual components. Simulating helical gears is especially taxing due to the complexity of the gear tooth profile. The additional detail in a helical gear pump model leads to an increase of the required mesh density and therefore increased computation time. A less computationally complex approach to simulating helical gears is to consider a helical gear as a series of thin spur gears rotated according to a predetermined helix angle. Details of this approach and results are discussed in this paper.

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