Due to complexities in geometry and physics, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) pump simulation has historically been very challenging and time consuming, especially for cases with cavitation. However, with the evolution and innovation of CFD technologies, pump cavitation simulation has improved significantly in recent years. In view of these developments, this paper will discuss a new generation CFD tool for pump cavitation simulation, using an axial flow water pump as a demonstration case. A novel CFD methodology and advanced cavitation model will be presented and discussed. Key components that are relevant to improvement of accuracy and CFD simulation speed will be discussed in detail. An axial flow water pump is chosen as the test case to demonstrate and validate the capability and accuracy of the code discussed. Simulation results include pump head, hydraulic efficiency and cavitation characteristic in terms of incipient Net Positive Suction Head (NPSHi) for the whole pump flow passages using both multiple reference frame (MRF) and transient approaches. Multiple operation conditions, from 70% to 120% of duty flow rate have been evaluated and will be projected against experimental data. Furthermore, simulated cavitation patterns will be compared with video images recorded during the experiments.

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