Limited resources of energy are the major challenges of the industrial and developing communities (countries), so engineers are increasingly encouraged for new ideas of producing energy from the today’s natural resources such as sun light and wind instead of fossil resources. In this study, flow of air in a 3D flow field surrounded by several walls and windows (a room) as laminar, and flow of water in a 3D flow filed (a pipe) placed on the bottom of the room as turbulent in an incompressible flow condition is modeled. The heat transfer through the pipe as the heat source placed under the floor in a sample room for several variables are studied numerically. The variables are two models of pipes arrangements, three types of pipes, and several pipe diameters. The wall conductivity and the air convection are considered constant for several outside room temperatures in this analysis. After analyzing all these parameters, the results obtained numerically are compared with each other and the best parameter values for the best room temperature as so called “comfort temperature” is selected. From the three variables considered here, it can be said that in an under floor heating system, the reciprocating model using the Pex-Al-Pex pipe type of 16mm pipe diameter are the best parameter values for a good and comfortable room temperatures for any outside temperature.

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