Challenges of operational safety and reliability as well as optimal operation of boiler feed water pump define the requirement of a competent and efficient controlling as well as monitoring tool. The monitoring module of this tool should effectively record the life time consumption of both casings and rotors and also monitor the small gaps between casings and rotors. The controlling module of this tool should ensure the safety and reliability during the operation of the boiler feed water pump based on the feed back from the monitoring module and also should take appropriate actions in order to ensure that the pump operates within the allowable design limits. This tool could enable operators to start up the boiler feed water pump without any unnecessary waiting period and change load rapidly without causing any damage or any life consumption rate getting increased. In this research paper, the methodology of such a tool is explained, having monitoring as well as controlling modules. Similar monitoring and controlling tools, as presented in the paper, can be applied to all turbomachines e.g. gas turbines, steam turbines, compressors etc.

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