This paper deals with simulation of transport phenomena in micro and nano pores. The number of cavities and the cavity radius were estimated by using Henry’s law for adsorption of Argon onto ZSM-5 and NaX zeolites. This work showed both of zeolites have pores with average size less than 1 nm. Then with using micro-nano channel assumption instead of micro-nano pores, gas flow and heat transfer were investigated. Subsonic nonideal gas flow and heat transfer for different Knudsen number are investigated numerically using the Direct Simulation Monte Carlo method modified with a consistent Boltzamnn algorithm. The collision rate is also modified based on the Enskog theory for dense gas. It is shown that nonideal gas effect becomes significant when the gas becomes so dense that the ideal gas assumption breaks down. The results also show that the nonideal gas effect is dependent not only on the gas density, but also the channel size. A higher gas density and a smaller channel size lead to a more significant nonideal gas effect. The nonideal gas effect also causes lower skin friction coefficients and different heat transfer flux distributions at the wall surface.

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