The development of micro pumps are actively conducted in recent years. A micro pump used for μ-TAS transports at a micro flow rate with a high precision. Moreover, it is also needed to transport high-viscosity fluid since there are various types of drugs to be transported. Micro pumps with various driving systems have been developed so far. In this study, the authors propose a micro pump with soft actuators by conducting polymers as a driving source. We have realized the conducting polymer soft actuator with opening and closing movement. The opening and closing movement of the soft actuator in which the cation driving layer is arranged inside becomes large since the anion driving layer arranged outside drives predominantly. The opening and closing movement is realized by the characteristic that three dimensional deformations are suppressed by setting slits in a sheet-shaped soft actuator and straight-shaped soft actuators in the slits synchronize and deform. It is possible to build a micro pump that transports fluid in one direction by a micro pump with two soft actuators with opening and closing movement and that it can transport fluid even with the viscosity that is 140 times as large as that of water in addition. The micro pump with two soft actuators with opening and closing movement proposed in this paper transports fluid with an energy consumption rate less than half those of others.

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