With the rapid development of automatic technology and computer science in the hydropower stations, the computer simulation system named as simulator is developed quickly and applied widely especially as a modern training tool for field operators. In the project of power transmission from west to east in Southwest China, there are lots of hydropower stations with long pressurized pipelines and far transmission line, so their simulators are more complex to be built correctly to show the characteristic of hydraulic-mechanical-electrical system and its dynamic procedure distinctly in real time. Based on the characteristic analysis of hydraulic system and long transmission system, a new easily-decoupled elastic model of water flow in pressurized pipelines is given and recommended, and its application and the choice of appropriate model order are analyzed considering the effect of power system, furthermore, how to build the model of far transmission line is discussed in detail based on its state equations. The results indicate that, in order to realize the truthfulness and robustness of the simulator, the higher order oscillation mode of water flow in long pressurized pipelines should be introduced and the frequency property of far transmission line should be analyzed.

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