According to the difficulties in the flow measurement of the complicated flow channel in a pump station of China South-to-North Water Transfers project, study on the measuring way for ultrasonic flowmeter working in the complicated flow channel and large flow condition. Simplify the model through CFD numerical calculation, and propose a new method for ultrasonic flowmeter to work in complicated flow channel. Through model experiment, find that in the way which 8 ultrasonic transducers are cross arranged, the weight of each acoustic path is 0.125, and get the proportion of the average velocity measured in the model experiment and the actual flow with this weight, and the proportion is 0.137519. The section to computation the flow in the model is the section whose radius is 0.209m, and the actual section in the field is the section whose radius is 2.09m. The measurement error in the experiment is within ±2%, and the error in the rated condition is ±0.6%, which can satisfy the engineering demand. This proves that it is feasible to measure the flow in a pump station of China South-to-North Water Transfers project with the Model 7510 ultrasonic flowmeter produced by the ACCUSONIC Co. of America, and it can satisfy the accuracy demand of field measurement.

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