Tongbai pumped storage plant of China have four sets of pump-turbines with single unit capacity 300MW, and the whole length of conveyance system about 1120m in which the lengths of diversion system and tailrace are about 748m and 347m respectively, rated head and discharge 244.0m and 143.5m3/s, separately. The plant would have the field test before the units were put into operating to ensure safety in future, and the parameters of pump turbines and water conveyance pipe system of pumped storage power station are rectified according to field test datum. Numerical calculation and field test indicate that water hammer in pumped storage plant water conveyance system caused by wicket gate closing together with rotation speed-rise. Compared with field test data following load rejection of two sets of pump turbines on June 30th, 2006, simulating calculation has identical result, which would ensure Tongbai pumped storage power station safety.

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