In the operation of the hydropower station, the sudden change of load in the large range often happen, the emergency closing law of turbine guide vane is difficult to control speed-rise and pressure-rise to the extent permitted for the length of pressure pipeline longer and discharge larger. With the development of the surge chamber of alternative technique, the pressure regulating valve is used to reduce the large pressure and speed-rise of the unit in hydraulic transients as the effective measure to saving investments. The layout of water conveyance system and process of hydraulic transients of a certain hydropower in China are analyzed, and the pressure regulating valve is installed in the spiral case inlet to meet the hydraulic regulation calculation guarantee after technical and economic comparison, for the joint action of valve and turbine guide vane, the pipeline water hammer pressure and unit speed-rise are reduced effectively. The pressure regulating valve diameter and opening and closing law in combination with the turbine guide vane are discussed in the power station, as well as the possible problems may be caused by the using of the pressure regulating valve is pointed out in theory. The achievements to scheme decision of adopting the pressure regulating valve to replace the surge chamber in high-head hydropower station with longer pressure water conveyance system can be for reference and provide the certain technological supply.

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