A vibration-based fault diagnosis method of pump units based on wavelet packet transform (WPT) is proposed in this paper. Compared with Fourier transform (FT) and wavelet transform (WT), WPT can subdivide the whole time-frequency domain. It can perform signals with good time resolution at high frequency and vice versa. WPT is considered as a good tool to signal denoising, accounting for its perfect ability in decomposing and reconstructing signal and its characteristic of no redundancy and divulges after denoising. In addition, WPT modulus maximal coefficient provides a simple but accurate method in calculating the Lipschitz exponents, which is the measurement of signal singularity. According to the singularity analysis results of vibration signal, we can recognize the fault pattern of pump units. This paper makes a detail research on signal denoising and singularity analysis based on WPT. Taking the main shaft and thrust bearing vibration signal for example, the experimental results show that WPT is effectively in the fault diagnosis system of pump unit.

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