Wu-Hao-Gou pump station is one of many pump stations being going to build in order to meet the increasing need of water supply in the Shanghai city. Owing to limited building site, large discharge and multi water outlet direction, the design and arrangement of hydraulic structure become more difficult than usual pump station. In the paper, CFD method is used to simulate the whole inlet flow field and improve hydraulic performance of the pump station. Firstly, the whole hydraulic structure geometric model, combined by Penstock, transition passage, diversion channel, fore bay, suction bay and suction pipe, is built and subdivided with unstructured mesh. Secondly, inlet flow field of the original pump station scheme is simulated and analyzed with the SIMPLEC algorithm, the realizable k-ε turbulence model and the symmetric boundary hypothesis on the free surface. Thirdly, the better scheme is calculated with the same numerical method after taking some effective measurements. Lastly, the better scheme is simulated with the VOF model, as well as the numerical results are compared with the above symmetric boundary hypothesis model to reveal the fact that the main flow character is similar but some flow details differ between the two free surface model. Then, the physical model experiment will be performed to verify the better scheme in the next step.

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