In this paper, a 3-D flow field around two bluff bodies in an incompressible fluid is modeled [1]. Formations of these two bodies are top to top (One on the top of the other) with respect to the center of each other. The lower on has a constant cross sectional area with a vent of air at its apex and the upper one has a variable cross sectional area with no vent on it. The vertical distances between the bluff bodies, the cross sectional area, and also the vent ratio of bluff bodies are varied here. Vertical distances of these two bodies are varied form zero to half, equal, double and triple the radius of the body with a vent on it (lower body). Flow condition is considered 3D, steady, turbulent, and incompressible. The drag force on each body and also the pressure around the two bodies are calculated. From the numerical results, it can be seen that, the drag force is constant over the range of zero to twenty percent of the vent ratios and for higher vent ratios when the upper bluff body is smaller than the lower one the drag force decreased, and it increased when the upper bluff body is larger than the lower one.

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