Particle transport and deposition in a turbulent channel flow simulated by the Large Eddy simulations (LES) were studied. Particular attention was paid to the effect of subgrid scales (SGS) turbulence fluctuation on particle motion. Finite volume method was used for finding instantaneous filtered fluid velocity fields of LES of the continuous phase in the channel. Selective structure function model was used to account for the subgrid-scale Reynolds stresses. It was shown that the LES was capable of capturing the turbulence near wall coherent eddy structures. Particle motions were investigated using a Lagrangian particle tracking approach with inclusion of the Stokes drag, lift, Brownian and gravity forces. Effects of SGS of turbulence fluctuations on deposition rate of different size particles were studied. It was shown that the inclusion of the SGS turbulence fluctuations improves the model predictions for particle deposition rate especially for small particles.

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