Basing on the 3D-steady Navier-Stokes equations with standard k-ε turbulence closure models, non-structure mesh with fitted body coordinate and finite element based finite volume method, the internal flow on the full passage of the 6.5-meters head fixed blade propeller water turbine is analyzed. Numerical results show that the low output is caused by unsuitable full passage. The flow on the stay vanes isn’t uniform and the circumferential velocity of the runner rim is too large, which leads to a high loss in the draft tube. So the runner and partial stay vanes in the concrete spiral casing are redesigned. The output of the full passage with new runner and new partial stay vanes under 6.5-meters head is 295KW larger than the old one with 240KW output, and the efficiency is 81%, which is larger than former 70%. The redesign of runner and stay vanes is successful.

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