The scope of Reynolds number in the model experiment and the serviceability on Blasius friction factor equation were analyzed. The exponent of prototype–model scale and the proper distribution of the friction and vortex head loss in Moody’s formula were studied. It was consider that the friction head loss could not be reduced with the accession of vortex head loss. New conversion method of hydraulic efficiency for prototype pump performance using model based on Prandtl-Colebrook formula with a wide Reynolds number range and Nikuradse’s experiments to be consistent with was proposed The conversion results was compared with IEC 60995:1991, JIS B 8327:2002 methods. It is indicated that Prandtl-Colebrook formula has advantage of the strongly theoretical elements, the simply computational method and the high computation precision. It can be becoming to confirm of the prototype hydraulic efficiency from model acceptance tests of hydraulic machines with consideration of scale effects.

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